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Q: Can I use SUI Calendar over FileMaker Server?

A: Sure, you can use SUI Calendar over FileMaker Server. SUI Calendar is optimized for team work.

Q: Do you have a trial version? I need to know for sure that this solution will work for me.

A: You can download 30 days trial version of SUI Calendar here after easy short registration.

Q: Is there an app for iPhone/iPad for SUI Calendar?

A: There is no SUI Calendar iPhone/iPad application yet. But you can use FileMaker Go - FileMaker client software for iPhone/iPad instead. SUI Calendar is optimized and full compatible with FIleMaker Go.

Q: Do I need to use a script to make a "perform find" work using FileMaker Go?

A: You can use SUI Calendar search string (use a script) or embedded FileMaker Go "Quick Find" feature (without using any scripts).

Q: The SUI Calendar Demo won't open. I get the Demo Restriction error “The demo has expired”.

A: Please perform following steps:

1. Delete old copy of SUI Calendar if any.

2. Download last version of SUI Calendar form SUI Solutions website.

3. Unzip downloaded archive.

4. Launch SUI Calendar from unzipped folder.

Q: On the list view, it shows task completed as a percentage. How can you show these completed or partially completed tasks as different percentages?

A: Percentage represents only appointment's performance progress. But you can use “Show completed” option for easy show/hide completed appointments.

Q: Can the SUI Calendar and email functions be linked to Outlook so that they are available on our iPhones and Blackberry devices?

A: The Export/Import to Outlook function does not supported in the current version of SUI/Vedatrak Calendar but we are going to implement this function (and the Export/Import to iCal function as well) in one of next releases. We think this is important for us and we will try to make it as soon as possible.

Q: Will the Standard version allow me to change the FileMaker layouts? I will need to be able to add new fields, export, change layouts, add user passwords.

A: Sure, all the editions of SUI Calendar except Demo are fully unlocked ([Full Access]), so you could perform any changes in the Standard version if necessary (except for redistribution purposes).

Q: I would like to put SUI Calendar on my FileMaker Server and have it be accessible by around 15 different computers. Which version will work for me?

A: You can use any version of SUI Calendar on your FileMaker Server to be accessible by around 15 (and more) computes, for example just please download and try the Demo version:

Q: I just buy your calendar solution. I whant to know if it's posible to "merge" it whit my FileMaker solution. I have a database which include start date, time, end date, comments. Where I linked this field in your solution?

A: If we understand you right you want to display appointments from your FileMaker solutions at SUI Calendar layouts, don't you? In this case you should:

1. Go to File -> Manage -> External Data Source menu

2. Add your FileMaker file as external data source for SUI Calendar

3. Go to File -> Manage -> Database menu

4. Add appropriate relations between "Calendar" table and Appointments table of your solution.

You can find more information in SUI Calendar Integration Guide. If you don’t find answers there then we always glad to help our customers with any types of customizations personally. Please read more about customization service.

Q: How difficult is it to integrate SUI Calendar into my contact database? Provide you instructions on how to do that?

A: There is universal Integration Guide describing integrating process of SUI Calendar with another FileMaker solution. Also we can provide you with your personal instruction on how to integrate SUI Calendar with your FileMaker solution, just please describe the goals of integration in details.

Q: I was upgraded to SUI Calendar 2.0. Can I import all data from previous version of SUI Calendar?

A: Yes, you can import all your data from SUI Calendar 1.3.x in to SUI Calendar 2.0. You can find more information in SUI Calendar Data Import Guide.

Q: I would like to work with SUI Calendar through web browser. What for this purpose it is necessary for me except SUI Calendar purchase?

A: SUI Calendar is optimized for Instant Web Publishing (IWP). You can read more about IWP here. To work with SUI Calendar through IWP you need FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced or FileMaker Server Advanced.