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Vedatrak is a fully unlocked, web-accessible, modular CRM solution that helps you achieve virtually any customer management goal. This easy to use solution developed specifically for FileMaker helps you plan work, collect structured information about your clients, learn their needs and preferences and accumulate an organized record of your interactions. These activities serve to build longterm, prosperous relationships that will increase your customers' loyalty and your overall profitability.


  • Instant Web Publishing
    Full IWP support allows users to access and edit data from virtually any web browser without purchasing and installing additional FileMaker Pro copies.

  • FM Go Optimized
    Vedatrak is FM Go optimized. Do your daily work on the go with your lovely iPhone or iPad.
  • Modular Solution
    Vedatrak is modular, meaning each solution has only the functions you require. To simplify the search for information, all modules are linked together. When additional Vedatrak modules are purchased, they seamlessly integrate and begin functioning immediately within the existing set.
  • Contacts Organization
    The Contacts module helps organize information for all of the contacts in your database. Contacts can be grouped by type, like Staff or Customers. Contacts can be connected to another contact called a Parent contact for easy organization of individuals within a company or organization. Working straight from the customer's card, you can access data in any other linked module, like completed and planned meetings, appointments, documents and correspondence.

  • Customer Interaction Management
    A complete interaction history for each contact is accumulated within the program. This information is accessible to all database users so that work can be planned and tracked in the most effective manner possible. Collecting this information will help you learn your customers' needs and preferences and build relationships.

  • Handy Dashboard
    The Dashboard module is a personal workspace for each Vedatrak user. It provides quick access to the most important information from other modules like appointments, e-mails, contacts and documents.

  • Simple Time Management
    Using the Calendar module, each Vedatrak user can plan work by scheduling tasks and appointments. Appointments can be assigned to any user in the system and scheduled singly or on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly cycles. Each user can elect to receive e-mail notifications for new appointments and comments on existing appointments.

  • Correspondence Tracking
    Mail is used to carry out all correspondence. Each e-mail is associated with a task, contact or document. Each user can filter correspondence by task or contact and group messages by topic.

  • Sales Documents
    costs, payments and simplifying invoicing. Invoices can be created directly from any order. All associated sales documents for an order can be easily accessed from any single document, including payments and invoices.

  • Stock
    The Stock module provides a centralized resource to organize your company's products using different categories. Track stock quantity for each product using Purchases Orders and Sales Orders.

  • Campaigns
    The Campaign module supports the sales process by tracking promotional campaigns assigned to different prospects and customers groups.

  • Template of typical module
    Template module allows you build your own Vedatrak module with the minimum cost.

  • Files
    Use the Files module to attach documents in almost any area of Vedatrak.

  • Smart Links
    Smart Links allow users to send database links to other users by e-mail, any instant messenger or the Messaging module.

  • User Management
    The Users module allows administrators to manage users across all solution files in one convenient location.

  • Multilingual Capabilities
    MultiLang comes complete with several preinstalled language sets. Using the handy language editor, additional dictionaries can be easily created at any time.

  • Customizable Appearance
    The Themes module can be used to change colors, button styles and icons.

  • Internal Instant Messaging
    The Messaging module provides an integrated messaging system for communication between database users.

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