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Quotations Detail View

Use Quotations Detail View to enter basic information for the selected quotations.

Basic Properties

  • A unique Quotation # is generated automatically upon order creation. Users may change the field if necessary.

  • If your company operates more than one Brand, select the appropriate brand from the drop down list.

  • A unique Serial No is generated automatically upon order creation.

  • To change the sales rep associated with the order, click the Arrow button next to the Our Rep drop down list. The names in the list are a product of the specified Brand.

  • Customer information like Customer #, Company, Name, Address, etc. is populated automatically upon order creation.

  • Select a shipment method from the Ship Method drop down list.

  • Users may add additional Ship Methods if necessary. Click the Edit... option in the drop down list. In the Edit Value List dialog box, type each method on a separate line in the order you would like them to appear and click OK.

  • The Date is generated automatically upon order creation.

  • Set the order's status using the Status drop down list.

  • The Invoiced and Paid fields are generated automatically using values in the related Invoice.

Quotation Items

The Quotation Items area displays product information for the order, like quantities and prices.

  • To add a new item click New in the Items tab. If the Stock is installed, the Select product window appears. You may select an existing product from the product catalog.

  • Click the Delete button to delete the item.

Quotation Totals

  • Sales Total is calculated automatically as the sum of all order items.

  • Discount is generated automatically upon order creation using the customer's Discount value. To disable Discount, click the corresponding check box.

  • Subtotal is calculated automatically using Sales Total and Discount.

  • The Tax field is generated automatically on order creation using the Tax field from Quotations Preferences. You can disable Tax by clicking the corresponding check box.

  • Use the Est. Shipping field to enter the shipping charge.

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