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SUI Solutions is a software development company providing information systems elaboration, maintenance, integration and out-of-the-box software with 6 years experience in both the US market and worldwide.

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Our Team

Our team consists of over 40 individuals serving as project managers, architects, developers, quality assurance personnel, technical writers, content editors and product testers. Each project is assigned its own specific team.

Our Clients

At SUI Solutions, we consider our relationships with clients as long-term commitments. Our system development services are generally supported with ongoing maintenance. Our goal is to assist our clients in quickly updating their systems according to changes in the market. Our clientele range from medium-sized companies requiring end-to-end solutions, including CRM and e-commerce, to large companies who task us with component development.

Our Projects

Our projects always consist of much more than just technical development. Our typical process includes a pre-project survey, project planning, packaged documentation, solution deployment and maintenance.

Our Principles

  • Careful analysis of customer requirements
  • Professional and efficient work
  • Flexibility with changes during the project
  • Thorough project documentation
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee