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SUI Calendar is a powerful, fully customizable FileMaker template for workgroups or single users that helps schedule tasks, plan work and share information between team members.

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In addition to out of the box products, SUI Solutions offers exclusive FileMaker software development for its customers and their businesses. If our ready-made products lack features specific to your needs, we can make modifications or develop a new product from scratch.


FileMaker solution developmentCustom FileMaker solution development

If your everyday business tasks and routine operations are outdated, we can handle upgrading it for you. We will develop a custom solution that automates your business processes and implements the unique features required for success.

All software requirements are discussed in detail with our clients and processed by our business analysts. When the solution is ready, you get exactly what you need. And we will help you to understand the solution.

FileMaker template developmentCustom FileMaker template development

FileMaker templates are self-contained pieces of software that implement a special feature or set of features. They can be integrated easily with larger FileMaker solutions, increasing functionality.

If you want to improve your existing software by adding features or quickly assemble a new FileMaker solution with ready-made templates, we can develop these for you. All FileMaker templates will be specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing software.


FileMaker plug-in developmentCustom FileMaker plug-in development

Custom FileMaker plug-ins are perfect for features that cannot be integrated as built-in FileMaker tools. Just let us know what feature you are missing in FileMaker—we can develop plug-ins for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Since FileMaker plug-ins function native to the operating system, features of any complexity can be easily added. Some uses include file processing, network communications, barcode processing and charting.

For more information on our custom FileMaker development services, please request us for quote or visit support packages page.