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Vedatrak is a fully unlocked, web-accessible, modular CRM solution that helps you achieve virtually any customer management goal.

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Vedatrak CRM
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747Ground Logistics

"We operate a small logistics company and had been struggling to find an affordable solution to help manage operations and fleet management. We decided on filemaker and set out to find a professional filemaker solution that would provide us with a base framework on which to build our platform. SUI Solutions enabled us to gain knowledgeable insight with their Vedatrak CRM application. We have spent hours looking, testing demos and even purchasing other solutions only to find they just didn't meet our needs. Vedatrak CRM is one of the most professionally developed solutions we have encountered to date and has us full of ideals on how to make this the entry point to all our management needs..."

- Patrick Stewart
747Ground Logistics


Scorpion Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

"We had an outdated business data management system and looked for someone to improve it. The SUI Solutions team was exactly what we needed. They performed complex redesign, optimization, Web integration with highly efficient support."

- Georges van Gansen
Managing Director, Scorpion Precision Industry Co.



"SUI Solutions does amazing work. Deadlines are met. Day-to-day work is not interrupted, and costs actually come in under budget..."

- Rob Rothman
Managing Director, BrandRoads