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Scorpion Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

SUI Solutions completed updates to a CRM system and implemented a new database and website for Scorpion Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Scorpion Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

The Customer

Scorpion Precision Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987 as a manufacturer of high-quality metal components for the aero modeling industry. Soon after, Scorpion began manufacturing lapel pins. With headquarters in Hong Kong and production in China, Scorpion employs over 2000 staff and engineers and is ISO 9001-2002 and ISO 14000-2004 compliant.

Project Goals


All customer and business operations information was stored in a FileMaker 5 database with a number of serious disadvantages that Scorpion wanted to improve:

  • Poor database performance
  • Periodical database failures
  • Outdated technology
  • Inconvenient user interface
  • Poor user and user-privilege management
  • Missing useful features

IT Infrastructure for Aero Modeling Division

Scorpion’s aero modeling division lacked its own IT infrastructure. For this project, Scorpion wanted the following:

  • FileMaker database covering the complete sales cycle
  • Website with e-commerce capabilities and product information

Our Solution


  • Created a FileMaker 8.5 database that replicated the old CRM but fixed bugs and optimized business processes
  • Redesigned user interface to be more intuitive and user-friendly
  • Integrated ready-to-use SUI User Manager template
  • Integrated ready-to-use SUI Calendar template
  • Developed a synchronization channel between HK office and Chinese factory
  • Imported all old data to the new database
  • Made old database available as the new database was deployed to soften the migration for Scorpion’s staff

IT Infrastructure for Aero Modeling Division

  • Created FileMaker 8.5 database
  • Created website (
  • Developed integration between the database and website—all updates made in FileMaker are automatically made on the website and vice versa

Both solutions were deployed by SUI Solutions tech specialists inside our offices. For about a week, we worked together with their staff for troubleshooting purposes. SUI Solutions helped Scorpion achieve its primary objective of ensuring that its business wouldn’t stop for a single moment.


  • All the goals specified by Scorpion at the inception of the project were fully met
  • Both solutions continue to run at Scorpion
  • SUI Solutions continues to provide ongoing maintenance for Scorpion with monthly updates and adjustments
Georges van Gansen "We had an outdated business data management system and were looking for someone to improve it. The team at SUI Solutions was exactly what we needed. They performed complex redesign, optimization, and web integration with highly efficient support."

- Georges van Gansen
Managing Director, Scorpion Precision Industry Co.