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Expand your FileMaker solutions with SUI Calendar template - a powerful tool to help plan events, meetings and tasks. It supports team interaction by allowing users to comment on each other's appointments. E-mail notifications, multiple calendar views and user management are also included in this FileMaker calendar template.


  • Optimized for Instant Web Publishing
    Native support of FileMaker's Instant Web Publishing. No PHP or other web technology required.

  • Optimized for FM Go
    Native support of FileMaker's FM Go. Get access to your calendar from iPhone and iPad.

  • Quick find
    The convenient find field in Calendar searches the full database for criteria matches.

  • Simple time tracking and subtasks
    Original estimate and work log for tasks and subtasks

  • Multi-user environment
    Users can assign appointments to other team members.

  • Single or recurring appointments
    Appointments can be scheduled singly or as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly entries.

  • Alternative calendar views
    Schedules can be viewed in daily, weekly, monthly , yearly and plain list overviews with corresponding levels of detail, each with the option for a quick view of any single day.

  • Editable appointment categories
    Task, Event, Meeting, etc. categories make sense of different appointments.

  • Expired appointments quick view
    A quick view of expired appointments helps users stay alerted.

  • User management
    Program features can control users of SUI Calendar or the entire FileMaker system.

  • User preferences
    Each user can save individual preferences.

  • Multilingual capabilities
    The calendar user interface can be translated to several languages simply by editing the table with string resources. English, German, French, Russian and Turkish are included.

  • E-mail notification
    Users can receive e-mail notifications about newly assigned appointments and track appointments assigned to other team members.

  • Fully customizable
    Full access privileges allow for unlimited changes to program appearance and behavior.

  • Online help
    Contextual help system offers program assistance.

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