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The Calendar helps users plan events, meetings and tasks with the ability to link work to a database contact. Calendar supports team interaction by allowing users to view, comment on and assign each other's appointments. Calendar provides e-mail notifications, multiple calendar views, an expired appointments view and more.


The Calendar module includes the following features:

  • Multi-user Environment
    Users are able to assign tasks and appointments to other team members and themselves.

  • Single or Recurring Appointments
    Appointments can be scheduled singly or with daily, weekly, monthly or yearly recurrences.

  • Alternative Calendar Views
    Each team member can view schedules in daily, weekly and monthly overviews with corresponding levels of detail, each with an option for a quick view of any single day.

  • Editable Appointment Categories
    Standard Task, Event and Meeting categories help make sense of different appointments.

  • Expired Appointments Quick View
    A quick view of expired appointments in red text helps prevent tasks from being overlooked.

  • E-Mail Notification System
    Users can elect to receive e-mail notifications to track newly assigned appointments and progress on existing appointments.

Calendar Contents

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