Vedatrak 3.0 Online Help - Common Controls

Most Vedatrak modules have the same set of panels and controls:

Navigation Bar

Use the Navigation Bar to switch between modules. The active module is highlighted.

Tool Bar

The Tool Bar is located at the top of each layout and may contain the following buttons:



Navigate to first item.

Navigate to last item.

Navigate to previous item.

Navigate to next item.

Add a new item.

Duplicate current item.

Add current item(s) to Bookmarks.

Copy link for current item(s) to send via Messaging.

Print current item.

Delete current item.

Apply changes.

Search Bar

Use the Search Bar to find records that meet specific criteria.

Views Tab Bar

Choose between the Detail or List view using the Views Tab Bar.

Status Bar

The Status Bar displays the following information:

User Info

User Info provides quick access to the current user's settings.

Linked Items Area

The Linked Items Area displays all associated items for ease of accessibility.

Online Help Button

Click Online Help to activate the online help system.

New Button

Click New to create a new item.

Edit/View Button

Click Edit/View to access or change an item's data.

Delete Button

Click Delete to delete an item.

Go To Button

Click Go To (shown as Underlined text) to open an item.

Sortable Headers

Click Sortable Headers to sort the list as ascending or descending.

Custom Properties Area

Additional custom properties may be added in Vedatrak records.

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