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SUI Solutions Releases Calendar Product for FileMaker Workgroups

January 08, 2009

January 8, 2009 -- SUI Solutions, a certified FileMaker Developer and member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, announced today the release of SUI Calendar, a powerful FileMaker application that allows team members to efficiently collaborate on events, meetings and tasks.

"The vast majority of our clients looking for custom FileMaker solutions request a good calendar template," said Ilya Shuvalov, Head of Commercial Development for SUI Solutions. "It was only logical to develop SUI Calendar as a ready-made application to suit this purpose."

SUI Calendar eliminates the guesswork involved in planning meetings and events without knowing the schedule of other team members. Additionally, the application includes features that promote interaction, including e-mail notifications and a comments feature.

"Workgroup success is dependent upon team collaboration. SUI Calendar integrated in a multi-user environment provides the features necessary to enhance and improve the power of that teamwork," said SUI Solutions Senior Developer, Robert Rothman.

SUI Calendar, available in Demo, Standard, Advanced and Developer versions, includes the following features to improve workgroup efficiency:

- Single or multi-user environment functionality
- Single or recurring appointments with different categories: Task, Event or Meeting
- Alternative calendar views with expired appointment quick view
- Multilingual capabilities
- Full access privileges to customize program appearance and behavior
- User management tools for Calendar or the entire solution
- Online help

For more information on SUI Calendar or to download a Demo version, visit

Additionally, SUI Solutions offers a line of boxed FileMaker applications and full service custom database development. Information about these products and services is available at