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SUI Calendar 2.1 released by SUI Solutions

February 08, 2012

SUI Solutions has announced the release of an update to its calendar template for FileMaker. SUI Calendar 2.1 is a fully unlocked calendar for individuals or groups of users with tasks, time tracking, notifications, multilingual, web publishing (IWP) and mobile support (FM Go).

What s New in version 2.1:

- Weekend days choice. Now you can define any days of week which will be marked as weekend.

- Arabic language of the interface was added in to standard package.

Special prices for upgrade:

- 60% off for SUI Calendar 1.x users.

- free for SUI Calendar 2.0 users

Please visit for more information.

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SUI Solutions is a software and web development company with a specialization in FileMaker based solutions. Additional FileMaker products by SUI Solutions can be found online at