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SUI Solutions releases SUI Mail 1.1, an update to its embedded e-mail client for FileMaker

November 30, 2010

SUI Solutions today released an update to its embedded e-mail client for FileMaker, SUI Mail 1.1. New in this version is third-party Java plug-in compatibility, e-mail address validation, GUI improvements and more.

SUI Mail 1.1 for FileMaker is Windows and Mac OS X compatible.  It allows users to send and receive e-mail directly within the database. With the same look and feel as a traditional mail client, Mail 1.1 has the added functionality of being available and accessible alongside your contact s information and data. SUI Mail will improve the continuity of your work by allowing users to send e-mail, receive answers and store correspondence with other client data kept in FileMaker.

SUI Mail 1.1 includes the following features:

- Includes both a plug-in for sending and receiving mail as well as a Mail client for Filemaker

- Includes Inbox, Outgoing, Sent, Draft, and Trash folders

- Create messages in HTML format

- Send using a defined SMTP server

- Ability to send, receive and save multiple attachments

- Receives e-mail using POP3

- Set message priority

- Choose custom headers

- Incoming e-mail progress dialog

- Checks message size before download

- Leave messages on the server or delete upon download

- Message flags

- Search function

- Rich text editor for message composition

- Standard To, CC, and BCC fields

- Sort messages

- Print messages

- Third-party Java plug-in compatibility*

- Email address validation

- Outgoing and Drafts folder counters

- LOG engine for detailed connection analysis

*SUI Mail Plug-in is not currently compatible with JavaMail API-based FileMaker plug-ins.

For more information or to download a demo of SUI Mail 1.1, please visit

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