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FileMaker Business Alliance member SUI Solutions releases component based CRM solution

November 09, 2009

November 9, 2009 -- SUI Solutions today announced the release of its landmark customer relationship management software, Vedatrak. Vedatrak is a uniquely modular, FileMaker based solution that allows customers to pick and choose existing components called modules to create the CRM that’s perfect for their business. Vedatrak is a FileMaker approved solution.

Vedatrak is easy to use and helps its users plan work, collect structured information about clients, learn client needs and accumulate an organized record of interactions without any extraneous functions.

How it Works:

Vedatrak’s modules work together even though they are sold in parts. In addition to sharing and linking information with other modules, new Vedatrak modules seamlessly integrate with the existing set by simply dropping them in. To download a Vedatrak demo that includes all of the modules, visit

Vedatrak’s core unit required for functioning is called Base Pack ( and includes the following modules:

• Dashboard: This personalized workspace provides quick access to the most important database information from other modules to each Vedatrak user.
• Contacts: The Contacts module stores and organizes information for all database contacts and classifies them by type, like Customers and Vendors.
• Calendar: Each Vedatrak user can plan work by scheduling appointments personally and for other users. Appointments are defined by type and include an e-mail notification option.
• Users: This module provides one convenient location for solution-wide user management.
• MultiLang: Vedatrak includes several alternative language sets, but MultiLang’s language editor allows users to easily create additional translations.
• Themes: Each user can change the appearance of Vedatrak, including colors, button styles and icons to their personal preference.

The following components are available individually and require the purchase and installation of Base Pack in order to operate:

• Mail: Users can track and organize all correspondence, including e-mail, mail and fax by Contact.
• Orders: This module organizes data for each order including associated costs and sell prices.
• Invoices: Users can easily manage invoicing and create printable invoices within Vedatrak.
• Products: This module allows users to organize products and services in an easy to navigate tree form and also stores data associated with each product.
• Files: Using this tool, users can upload, link and store files in virtually any Vedatrak database location.
• Messaging: This module simplifies communication by providing an internal messaging component for all users to share information and links.

Vedatrak Base Pack and all additional modules are IWP compatible, meaning users can access Vedatrak from virtually any web browser without purchasing and installing additional copies of FileMaker.

Pricing and Availability:

Vedatrak Base Pack and additional modules are available immediately at special introductory prices. For more information or to purchase, please visit

About SUI Solutions:

SUI Solutions, a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, is a software and web development company with a specialization in FileMaker based solutions. Additional FileMaker products by SUI Solutions can be found online at