SUI Calendar 2.0 Online Help


User Preferences

User Preferences allows users to edit default SUI Calendar settings. To change user preferences, click the Preferences button in User Info.


  • Select your preferred language from the Language drop down list.


  • Check next to Always use WebDialog to display confirmation dialog boxes outside of IWP mode.

  • Check next to Show “I want to improve this layout!” feature to enable the feature

Calendar Options

  • Check the Start week on Monday check box for setting Monday as the first day of the week.

  • Check the Show occupied days check box to view days with appointments as underlined in the Calendar Navigation Component.

  • Use the Show Completed check box to show or hide completed appointments.

  • Use the check boxes for e-mail notifications to remind other users and yourself about created, completed or commented appointments.

    Note: In order to receive these e-mail notifications, your e-mail address must be included in your User Profile.

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