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iMargin for FileMaker


Instantly compute and fine-tune your margin in just seconds with iMargin for FileMaker, based on SUI Solutions’ popular iMargin for iPhone. iMargin is the perfect solution when you need to make a quick decision and there’s no time to input an extensive formula. Just enter two values and iMargin will instantly populate the rest.

Need to determine your sell price with a particular cost and a set margin? Simply enter the cost and margin to instantly see both sell price and gross margin.

Likewise, you can input any two values and view the result as you’re typing. There’s no need to select a formula or parameter to be calculated.


  • Calculation on-the-fly
  • Fields double as input or output
  • In-field arithmetical operations
  • Customizable preferences: precision, tax and default field for startup

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FileMaker Pro 10, 11

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Product Description License type Price
iMargin for Filemaker Demo Free evaluation version. Full access privileges are not provided. Demo License Free


Product Description License type Price
iMargin for Filemaker Fully unlocked version with full access privileges. Site License US$9.95

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Purchasing a support package in conjunction with iMargin for FileMaker will enable you to rest assured that all technical aspects of using our product will be handled so you are free to provide you or your team with the professional support to effectively use it.