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SUI Bulletin Board is a FileMaker template that informs employees, team members and other FileMaker network application users about news, events and other important information. Bulletins display the posting time and can be prioritized according to importance. Expired bulletins are automatically archived and can be viewed at any time.

SUI Bulletin Board is intended to launch at the startup of the main application so users can read important messages before they begin working. It is also designed to operate in standalone mode or as part of a larger FileMaker solution.


  • Instant Web Publishing optimized
    Template is specially optimized to operate in both modes: using FileMaker software and via Web browser using IWP.
  • Priority levels
    Bulletins can be classified under three different levels of importance. The most important bulletins display at the top of the list.
  • Bulletin types
    Bulletins can be categorized as a Warning or Information. Warning messages are displayed with a different color and icon than Information bulletins.
  • Lifetime
    Upon creation, each bulletin must be assigned a viewing time period. After expiration, messages are archived and can be recalled at any time.
  • Picture attachments
    Bulletins can have picture attachments. Pictures are displayed as thumbnails that can be enlarged in a separate window.
  • Clickable URL attachments
    The URLs that are opened in appropriate application can be attached to each bulletin.


  • Demo
    Free, fully operational, 30-day trial version. Full-access privileges are not included.
  • Unlimited
    Completely unlocked version that can be integrated with existing solutions. Unlimited software users under one site license.
  • Developer
    Same as Unlimited version with option to redistribute the application as part of a larger solution.


FileMaker Pro 8.5, 9, 10, 11

Feature Demo Unlimited Developer
Fully operational, standalone FileMaker application      
Fully unlocked      
Unlimited users      
License type Demo License Site License Developer License
Price Free

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Purchasing a support package in conjunction with SUI Bulletin Board will enable you to rest assured that all technical aspects of using our product will be handled so you are free to provide you or your team with the professional support to effectively use it.