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Q: Can I use Veadtrak CRM over FileMaker Server?

A: You can use Vedatrak CRM over FileMaker Server. Vedatrak CRM is optimized for team work.

Q: Do you have a trial version? I need to know for sure that this solution will work for me.

A: You can download 30 days trial version of Vedatrak CRM here after easy short registration.

Q: Is there an app for iPhone/iPad for Veadtrak CRM?

A: There is no Vedatrak CRM iPhone/iPad application yet. But you can use FileMaker Go - FileMaker client software for iPhone/iPad instead. Vedatrak CRM is optimized and full compatible with FIleMaker Go.

Q: What's the difference between "Hosted" and IWP? Is there a way to play with a limited sample?

A: You can read more about IWP here. To compare "hosted" and IWP you can download our full-function Demo version of Vedatrak CRM here after easy short registration.

Q: So far Vedatrak CRM is just what I'm looking for. However, can I edit the layouts to add more fields etc. to customize it more for my industry (of course once I purchase it)?

A: Vedatrak CRM is fully unlocked CRM system and you can customize any part of it for your purposes.

In addition to out of the box products, we always glad to offer our clients any kinds of additional support, like customization of SUI products, optimization and improvement existing clients software and new modules development. You can read more about customization service.

Q: I am unable to "re-login" as any user using the conventions mentioned i.e. jason/jason - "wrong password".

A: Please use the following logins and passwords (note that password is case sensitive):






Q: Do you offer upgrade pricing, I have Vedatrak CRM 2.0?

A: If you have already purchased Vedatrak 2.0 you can upgrade it to Vedatrak 2.1 for free, so please download the 2.1 version of your purchased products freely using the "My Downloads" page on our website.

Q: As I'd like to use Vedatrak CRM with about 15 users, I should install FileMaker Server, is this fully compatible, right?

A: Yes, you can use one of the following FileMaker Servers:

- FileMaker Server 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

- FileMaker Server Advanced 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Q: I would like to work with Vedatrak CRM through web browser. What for this purpose it is necessary for me except Vedatrak CRM purchase?

A: Vedatrak CRM is optimized for Instant Web Publishing (IWP). You can read more about IWP here. To work with Vedatrak CRM through IWP you need FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced or FileMaker Server Advanced.

Q: I want to know costs and conditions for developer license.

A: Vedatrak CRM is sold with Site License. It allow you to install and use one copy of Vedatrak CRM. Also you may change any part of software and integrate into your solution if needed. Site license doesn't allow to redistribute standalone and embedded versions of Software. Under the Developer License you may redistribute Vedatrak CRM and any of its components which are integrated into your own solution. There is no limitation to the number of copies of Vedatrak CRM that may be installed under the Developer License. Please contact as for pricing.