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Vedatrak Mail 3.1

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Vedatrak Mail


The Mail module helps track and organize e-mail, mail and fax correspondence. A correspondence history for each contact is available to every team member. Messages can be grouped or filtered by topic to track specific conversations.


  • Instant Web Publishing (+)
    Full IWP support allows users to easily access and edit data from virtually any web browser without purchasing or installing additional FileMaker Pro copies.
  • Mail Archive (+)
    Since all correspondence with clients, leads and vendors is carried out in the Vedatrak, all e-mails, letters and faxes are automatically stored for future reference.
  • Shared Mail (+)
    All correspondence is accessible to each database user.
  • Easy Message Retrieval (+)
    All e-mails, letters and faxes are stored within the contact's card. All messages can by filtered by keyword to track specific conversations.
  • Linked Tasks (+)
    Each message can be associated with a task. A sales rep can assign a task for an assistant to send a newly created fax, for instance.
  • Fax and Letter Templates (+)
    Easily create formatted letters or faxes directly in Vedatrak using the templates provided with the program.

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FileMaker Pro 8.5, 9, 10, 11, 12


Product Description License type Price Upgrade
Vedatrak Mail Mail helps track and organize e-mail, mail and fax correspondence. Site License US$99 US$9

*This module requires the purchase of Vedatrak Base Pack in order to function.

** If you already purchased Vedatrak Mail 2.1 and want to upgrade to version 3.1, you will be offered a special upgrade price. System will automatically check Your Downloads and define if you're performing an upgrade. 

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Purchasing a support package in conjunction with Vedatrak Mail will enable you to rest assured that all technical aspects of using our product will be handled so you are free to provide you or your team with the professional support to effectively use it.